Airline-approved Bluetooth tracking

Making baggage tracking easier than ever

TravelTag is the only Bluetooth tracker that empowers both airlines and passengers with live information about baggage and ground-handling equipment.

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Airlines turn to us
Julia Sattel
Ex-President Amadeus
“As travelers are adopting new behaviors, airlines have a unique opportunity to customize their offerings and foster exponential growth.
Bag tracking is pivotal, driving passenger happiness, unlocking new revenue streams, and boosting operational efficiency”.
Julia Sattel
Ex-President Amadeus

Why airlines need Bluetooth tracking solutions

Passenger experience

Holiday, business of family visit?

Offer unparalleled peace of mind by ensuring your passengers never lose track of their baggage again, whatever journey they are on.

Operational efficiency

Boost the success rate of your baggage handling operations with live Bluetooth insights.

Is there a bag mishandled after all? Reroute passenger baggage faster than ever with the Baggage Reflight System.

Ancillary revenue

Open new revenue streams with smart, efficient and passenger-friendly technology.

Explore different use cases, such as ground equipment tracking, for new ways to save costs and time.

of passengers are willing to check in a bag if they could track it.

Source: IATA Baggage Working Group Canada February 2024

of passengers would increase their confidence when travelling with checked in bags if they could track them in real time.

Source: IATA Baggage Working Group Canada February 2024

Use cases

Impact the passenger journey with a new baggage tracking experience

Live Tracking

Regain passenger experience control

Airlines have access to real-time baggage and passenger tracking on a map.
Baggage Reflight System

Anticipate disruptions and automate responses

Reroute passenger baggage fast, providing instant information ahead of time, minimizing inconvenience, and enhancing passenger satisfaction.
Lost Mode

A more efficient way to report delayed baggage

Provides the passenger with a new, efficient lost baggage/delay notification system that provides valuable information to the airline.

What benefits do you receive?

Always completely adapted to your airline's needs

Cutting-edge technology

Ultralight-weight Bluetooth trackers to boost ground operations and efficiency.

Stream-lined data access

User-friendly apps with unparallelled insights on entire baggage journey for both airlines and passengers.

AI-powered optimization

Advanced reports to significantly enhance baggage handling processing and cut mishandled baggage costs.

Willing to create an own system that gives you control of your customer’s baggage?

Interested in developing your own Bluetooth Baggage Tracking System?

Passengers have taken it into their own hands to keep track of their bags. Take advantage and have your baggage tracking ecosystem.
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