Embrace Bluetooth Baggage Tracking

A Tag Built For and By Airlines

TravelTag is the first airline-approved personal Bluetooth baggage tracker for passengers and airlines.

Airlines turn to us

Use cases

Impact the passenger journey with a new baggage tracking experience

Live Tracking

Regain passenger experience control

Airlines have access to real-time baggage and passenger tracking on a map.
Baggage Reflight System

Anticipate disruptions and automate responses

Reroute passenger baggage fast, providing instant information ahead of time, minimizing inconvenience, and enhancing passenger satisfaction.
Lost Mode

A more efficient way to report delayed baggage

Provides the passenger with a new, efficient lost baggage/delay notification system that provides valuable information to the airline.

Exclusively designed solution with cooperation of aviation and technology industry experts

Airlines Approved Tag

Provides valuable information to the airline while improving the passenger experience.

Customise the tag with the airline brand

Give your passengers a unique product in the airline industry, customising the tag and the passenger experience with airline branding.

Seamless Integration and Collaboration

Our platform supports collaboration in the airline industry by seamlessly integrating with baggage management systems.

Willing to create an own system that gives you control of your customer’s baggage?

Interested in developing your own Bluetooth Baggage Tracking System?

Passengers have taken it into their own hands to keep track of their bags. Take advantage and have your baggage tracking ecosystem.
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