About us



BoB was born to open new paths for you to be yourself everywhere.

We like to think that with us you can start enjoying your trip earlier than you used to.


We want to help passengers travel more easily to their destination by connecting airports to cities through a new standard for managing scheduled orders


We firmly believe that information technology will allow for the management of non-critical processes to be relocated outside the airport, with the purpose of taking better advantage of the space and improving the passenger experience.

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Our values


We want to feel that we can choose what to do in every moment.


We appreciate the certainty of knowing that we can count on others.


We believe in long-term relationships that are built with honesty and clarity.

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We work so that you can travel better

We created BoB with the mission of building a door-to-door luggage delivery service where bags travel on the same airplane as its passengers. And we are getting closer. Since day one we are striving to provide a service that is…

Comfortable, Safe and Simple.

Things that have happened to us

We’ve been talked about

  • “Ha nacido Bob, tu mejor aliado para olvidarte de la maleta cuando vuelas”

  • “BOB Capta tres millones para evitar los ‘tapones’ que provoca facturar maletas en los aeropuertos”

  • “BoB (Bag on Board), en colaboración con Iberia, decidió dar un paso más adelante en pro de tu comodidad a la hora de viajar… ”

  • “La compañía ha cerrado una ronda de financiación de tres millones de euros para expandirse internacionalmente …”

  • “The company has formed partnerships with European airlines like Iberia, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM and Vueling…”

  • “Spanish startup bob.io, a tech-enabled service that allows passengers to check-in bags from home …”

The team

The team

Our homes are our office. The whole team works remotely and, between meetings and Jira tickets, we feed the cat, change some diapers and post memes on Slack’s “Multi-bull****” channel.

We’ve been backed

Are you ready to take off?

Go to the airport lightly and without wasting time