Bluetooth tracking tag: comparing TravelTag versus AirTag

Comparison of TravelTag versus AirTag for baggage tracking with a focus on privacy

When it comes to a Bluetooth tracking tag, Apple’s AirTag often comes to mind. However, there have been several privacy concerns surrounding Apple’s tracking. (We highlighted some of these in our Linkedin post, on Data Privacy Day.) As we received a couple of interesting questions from airlines and airports about the differences between TravelTag and AirTag, we’d like to share these insights with any other professionals who might have similar doubts. 

Let’s dive in!

What network does TravelTag use, and how does it compare to AirTag?

Apple’s tracking device connects by Bluetooth with other Apple devices, such as iPhones or Macbooks. However, iPhones and other Apple products are not typically present in the baggage handling areas of airports.

Even if there are Apple devices, they need to have their Bluetooth activated. If an Apple user hasn’t enabled Bluetooth on their device, the AirTag won’t be detected by that device. Also note that Apple makes location data available to the passenger, but not to the airline. This creates a “black box” of information and leaves passengers frustrated with the lack of airline integration.

These limitations have motivated us at Bob to implement our own antenna network for the TravelTag. These antennas or gateways are placed at strategic points in the airport. By default, these devices have their Bluetooth turned on. As they connect with the passengers’ TravelTags, we can ensure live information every step of the way.

Both airlines and passengers can access this shared tracking information. If a bag gets lost, both parties can quickly find its location. At a scanning rate of 2 scan cycles per minute and a signal-sending rate of 4 seconds, TravelTag guarantees consistent and ultra-fast live baggage tracking information. 

How can a Bluetooth tracking tag connect with passengers while also respecting their privacy?

Discover how TravelTag connects airlines and passengers with live Bluetooth baggage tracking information, while also respecting their privacy.

The main issue at the moment with Apple’s AirTag is that it can be used to trace goods and people without their consent, and without limitations. This has led to a surge of claims about stalking and spying on unsuspected victims.

At Bob, our mission is to improve the baggage handling experience for both passengers and airlines with smart, efficient, and user-friendly tech solutions. This translates to a couple of innovative features that connect passengers with airlines while respecting customers’ privacy.

  • Limited in time: Information about the passengers and baggage is only shared for the duration of the journey, so from check-in to the baggage claim. Once the passenger has picked up their baggage, there is no more data collection.
  • Full data anonymization and protection: all location data is anonymized once the passenger has been reunited with their baggage. By removing personally identifiable information, there is no data that could link a bag to a specific owner. 

You can find out more about TravelTag’s benefits and capabilities in our latest video, where we highlight how TravelTag easily connects airlines and passengers with live Bluetooth tracking information.

How does our TravelTag support ground handlers and operational managers in their work?

Passenger baggage is waiting to be loaded onto the plane. With TravelTag, it becomes easier than ever to quickly identify and locate bags in the vicinity.

The powerful solutions offered by TravelTag open a wide range of opportunities for efficient baggage handling. As TravelTag unrolls across airlines and airports, we will be able to provide mobile applications to help ground operations with their day-to-day operations.

Think for example of an app that can automatically locate bags in the vicinity. With one click, a ground handler can see all the bags around them, sorted by proximity. Additional information, such as a picture of the bag and associated flight details, aid operations even more.

Finding or reflighting a bag was never easier, saving crucial time and manpower.

In short, TravelTag is not only more powerful, but also smarter, better connected, and more secure than AirTag.

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