IoT in aviation? 3 reasons why it might fail

A futuristic aviation scene depicting the Internet of Things concept. The scene includes an airplane equipped with various high-tech sensors and connectors.

Airports and airports have the task of dealing with the increase of flight numbers, while also meeting growing passenger expectations. The aviation industry is constantly looking for technological enhancements to handle the demand, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is often mentioned as a potential solution. As a network of connected devices that can communicate and […]

Airline technology use cases: insights from Alaska Airlines

Promotional card for webinar with Gus Naughton from Alaska Airlines

In our recent webinar about airline technology, Gus Naughton, Senior Software Engineer — Emerging Technologies at Alaska Airlines, discussed how to use consumer-grade solutions for aviation innovation. As an experienced Software Engineer, Gus highlighted the journey from ideas to implementation and talked about airline operations’ future. Some background: Gus’s career in aviation innovation Just a […]

What you need to know about Bluetooth baggage tracking with TravelTag: 5 FAQs from airlines

FAQs from customers

Baggage tracking with the power of TravelTag’s Bluetooth technology offers invaluable support to airlines and passengers. As we are pushing the boundaries of baggage tracking innovation, airlines often have questions about the practical application of TravelTag. Discover the most 5 Frequently Asked Questions about our baggage tracking solutions, and explore the options for your airline. […]

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