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If you have already contracted the Bob Travel service and you have doubts about when your bags will be collected and everything related to the arrival of the carrier, here we give you the keys.

When will the carrier arrive?

If you have booked a Travel service and want to know when the carrier will pick up your service, here is how to do it.

When you make your reservation, you can select the day of collection and the time interval you are most interested in for the collection. There is no need to wait for the entire collection time, as our carrier will notify you half an hour (30 minutes) before arriving at the collection point so you can be ready.

Remember that at least one of the passengers must be present during the collection.

If we have already collected your service and you would like us to return your luggage instead of checking it in, you can contact our support team at trafico@bob.io.

How will the check-in process be carried out once we collect your bags?

The carrier will continue its collection route until it has collected all orders assigned to its slot. You will go to the airport and check in one by one all the bags you have at your disposal.

After checking in, you will receive an email and SMS with photos of your bag check-in receipts, as well as any extra charges you may have incurred.

How will my bags be collected?

The collection process of your bags will be very simple:

1. Our carrier will go to the address you have given us in your reservation. Please note that the collection will be made from your doorway or building entrance. You will receive a notification about 30 minutes before it arrives so that you can prepare yourself.

2. The carrier will ask you for the necessary documentation for the collection and will scan it with our application: Bob’s QR code, boarding passes, and the identification document with which you are going to travel.

The carrier may ask for additional documentation if necessary.
Remember that the carrier must verify the identity of passengers to comply with safety regulations. At least one passenger must be present during collection.

3. Once the documentation is scanned, the carrier will weigh the bag to make sure it complies with your reservation, put the security mechanism on it, scan it and photograph it with the application so that it is identified.

4. Finally, the carrier will ask you to accept the terms of service and that’s it! Now you can forget about your bag until you arrive at your destination.

What should I prepare and have on hand on the day of collection?

You may still have questions about what you will need to prepare on the day of collection.

  1. Complete online check-in and print or download boarding passes for all travelers. We will need them in order to check the bag for you.
  2. Have your bags ready for the trip. Make sure all baggage is ready for collection. At the time of collection, you must bring your bags down to the door of your building, at street level, or to the door of your hotel.
  3. Make sure you have boarding passes and all passports or identity documents of all passengers traveling.
  4. Please have your booking confirmation email with the code on it.

Due to drivers’ schedules, we can wait a maximum of 15 minutes. After this time the driver will leave and the service will be declined, so you will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the service.

What happens if I have extra weight or want to add additional baggage during my collection?

Airline tickets have a baggage allowance associated with them: the number of bags, their weight and dimensions according to the fare you have purchased. After you make your online reservation for Bob’s service, we contact you to verify your baggage allowance and that you and your companions have all the necessary documentation to fly.

An additional charge may be incurred by the airline when baggage allowance is exceeded in the following cases:

  1. You want to check in more bags than the number of bags included in the free baggage allowance.
  2. Any bag exceeds the maximum weight allowance.
  3. The bag exceeds the allowed dimensions

We will weigh your bag during collection to ensure that it does not exceed the weight allowed by your airline.

Does everyone have to be present?

Yes, all passengers should be present during collection to verify their identity. We understand that this may not be possible, if so, at least one of the passengers of legal age must be present during the collection.

Please note that if you leave the bag with someone who will not be flying or is not on your reservation the carrier will decline service. If none of the passengers can be present, please contact the support team for availability in another time slot.

Will your phone be out of service?

Don’t worry if your phone is not operational, we can contact you by other means. Please note that the 30-minute message to indicate that our carrier is on its way is sent to the number you provide in your reservation. If you believe that this phone number will not be operative, it is necessary that you provide us with your complete address, either during the reservation or by contacting our support team, so that our carrier can ring the bell or request to contact you if you are in a hotel.

In any case, it is important that you let us know that we should contact you by email and that on the day of collection or delivery you should be aware that this will be our only way of contacting you.

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Do you have doubts about your booking? You can contact us through our email trafico@bob.io.