Passenger happiness in aviation: interview with Julia Sattel

Julia Sattel talked passenger happiness, operational efficiency and accountability in Bob's webinar.

1. What’s the biggest challenge for passenger happiness in aviation today?

Julia stated, “The biggest challenge I can see in aviation when it comes to customer experience is lost baggage. It’s something very personal that has a very negative impact on the customer experience.”

Airlines have many priorities right now, but when it comes to passenger happiness, their number one pain point is lost baggage. This issue evokes strong emotions in passengers, significantly influencing their overall experience and the airline’s brand image. Only through smart and effective solutions in baggage handling can airlines connect with passengers and provide them with the support they are looking for.

Bob’s Bluetooth baggage tracker TravelTag is an innovation that is making a significant impact in this field, as it connects both airlines and passengers with real-time baggage information.

2. How can airlines prototype new solutions, including baggage tracking, as quickly and efficiently as possible?

The COVID-19 pandemic, as Julia noted, was a turning point for innovation within the aviation industry. The crisis highlighted the need for speed and agility in updating traditional processes. As the airline industry relies heavily on established processes and routines, it’s important to work with quick, incremental changes, enhancing passenger satisfaction every step of the way. Solutions that integrate with existing systems, such as Bob’s Bluetooth baggage tracker, are crucial to achieving successful digital transformation.

Lost baggage can greatly influence passenger happiness.
Bob’s TravelTag can integrate with existing systems, for efficient live-tracking of baggage.

3. What does the future of passenger happiness look like concerning baggage?

Since there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and revenue, boosting the operational efficiency of baggage handling has a large impact on the entire airline company. Looking ahead, Julia envisages a future where technologies like Bluetooth enable airlines and passengers with continuous, uninterrupted tracking of baggage. She believes this advancement is key to ensuring real-time baggage tracking and enhancing passenger happiness along the entire journey.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to Julia for sharing her insights! The recording is available on our LinkedIn page, as well as on YouTube.

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