Airport bag collection

Land and go directly to your destination. We collect your bags from the baggage belt at the airport and take them directly to your home.

20 € first bag, 10 € each additional bag

Free cancellation up to 2 hours before collection.

Arrivals Service

Land and go from the plane to home, without bags.

Book online
You can book months in advance or on the day of your flight with 2 hours notice. You just need to have a purchased flight.
Airport bag collection

Send us the baggage receipt (IATA code), and photos of the luggage once you have checked in at the airport of origin. And that’s it! As soon as you land, one of Bob’s carriers will be waiting for your bags on the belt to take them away.

El envío de maletas ya está en camino en la cinta transportadora del aeropuerto
Un transportista va a enviar maletas con Bob
Delivery at destination

We deliver your luggage where you tell us in less than 4 hours after the plane lands. To your home, hotel, flat, etc. Wherever you want! That’s how easy it is to pick up your bags from the airport.

Bob Arrivals will revolutionize the way you return from your travels.

Check your luggage at the airport of origin and send us the receipts of your checked bags. When you arrive at your destination airport, you land and go home without having to wait for your luggage to come off the baggage belt. A Bob’s carrier will collect your bags from the airport.

Are you returning from another country?

When you land at a Spanish airport, you can save time when you are most tired after a trip back from another country. It's time to get home and not worry about the bags.

Enjoy the trip in Spain!

You save time and comfort when you land at a Spanish airport. Start your adventure without waiting for your bags or carrying them to your apartment or hotel.

How does the Arrivals service work?

Book online

Search for your flight and choose a time and address to drop off your baggage.

Before take-off

Identify yourself and send us a photo of your baggage check-in receipt.

Land and don't worry

We collect your luggage from the baggage belt and we pass all the security controls (Guardia Civil and customs).

Delivery in the city

We deliver your luggage to you or whoever you leave in charge (e.g. a hotel receptionist).

Una viajera va a enviar maletas con Bob

What is necessary to book Bob Travel Arrivals?

Finally, as indicated in the regulation, you must indicate that you are not carrying any prohibited articles or anything to declare to customs in your baggage.

Maximum 4 hours

Landing time + max 4 h.

We deliver your bags within 4 hours of your flight landing.

The start of the slot is calculated by rounding the arrival time of your flight to the next full hour. This means that if your flight lands at 17:30, your bags will be delivered between 18:00 and 22:00.

We can collect baggage for flights arriving between 07:00 and 22:00. Please note that if your flight arrives after 22:01, you will not have the option to book this service. If your flight arrives at 21:59 we will deliver it between 23:00 and 23:59.

At Bob’s we collect your luggage 7 days a week.

Pick-up of bags from the airport for only:

First bag
20,00 EUR
Equipaje adicional para enviar maletas
Each additional bag
10,00 EUR
Enviar maletas con Bob es un nuevo hábito de viaje
This price includes all these things that help you gain a lot, but a lot of time.

Agent waiting at the baggage belt

One of our carriers will wait for your luggage to be unloaded from the aircraft and take off on the baggage belt.


In the event that your bag is damaged or does not arrive, our carrier will file a claim (PIR) with the airline on your behalf.

Cancel baggage collection at the airport whenever you want

We know that travel plans can change. So don’t worry if you need to cancel or change your booking, you can do it for free up to two hours before your flight takes off. If you are not sure how many bags you will be carrying, we advise you to book the service and change it whenever you want.

You can cancel your service by sending us an email to, calling us on our phone (+34 919 03 15 37), or in the Help Center.

Collecting bags at the airport, step by step.


One of our carriers will go to the airport and wait for your luggage to be unloaded from the plane and appear on the baggage belt.


When your bag is on the belt, our carrier will seal your luggage with a security seal and will take a photo of it to keep a record of your bag's condition.


In the event of damaged baggage, our carrier will call you to inform you and make a claim (PIR) to the airline on your behalf.


Our carrier will go to customs. The Guardia Civil will inspect your baggage to ensure that it meets the requirements for entry into the country and will decide if the bags have to be x-rayed.


Customs officers can open the bag if they determine that it is necessary. You will be notified for your consent. If it is not possible to contact you, we are authorized to open the bag.


Our carrier will go to the place of delivery indicated in the booking. 30 minutes before delivery you will receive an SMS. When we make the delivery we will ask for the ID card of the person who makes the reception.

Services reviewed and regulated by official entities

Bob is the first and only company that has managed to operate a100% regulated service in Spain for check-in and baggage delivery. For this purpose, different official entities have participated, such as: AENA, AESA, the Ministry of Public Works, the Civil Guard and the National Police, among others.

Are you ready for us to collect your bags?

Go directly from the plane to home. We take care of collecting your luggage from the baggage belt.

Do you need help collecting your luggage?

We’re here to help you! Choose the type of support you need.

Visit our Help Center with all your questions answered for sending bags and luggage.

Send us an email with your question and what you want to solve. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Do you prefer a call? If you have any questions about sending your luggage, do not hesitate to call us.

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