_ Conditions

1.- Purpose and Scope

PROTECHTEDBAGS S.L., hereinafter, the COMPANY, with Tax Identification Number B- 87729349 and registered office in Madrid, Calle Serrano Anguita 13, provides the luggage transfer service entrusted by the CLIENT from the city to the airport. The COMPANY is registered in the commercial register of Madrid, Tomo 35626, Folio 1, Hoja M640298 and is hosted in the web domain bob.io.
The contact details of the COMPANY are the following: The contact telephone number is +34 911 984 997 and email is support@bob.io

By contracting the services of the COMPANY, you, as CUSTOMER, hereby confirm that these terms and conditions will apply from the moment you book the COMPANY’s SERVICE. These terms and conditions shall apply to any document produced by the COMPANY systems, and which shall be considered as a delivery note for all purposes.

2.- Service Payment and Cancellation Policy

2.1. The CLIENT will pay in advance the amount indicated at the current rates for the contracted SERVICE. The prices of the rates include VAT, always in accordance with current legislation.

2.2. The CLIENT can cancel the contracted SERVICE, in accordance with the following conditions: if it is canceled more than 1 week before the scheduled time of baggage collection, 100% of the amount paid will be refunded; If canceled less than 1 week in advance no amount will be refunded.

3.- Prohibitions

The delivery of luggage whose contents are contrary to law, morality, or good customs or whose transportation is illegal in accordance with current legal regulations is prohibited, leaving the COMPANY totally exempt from any liability as a result of the breach by the CLIENT of the present prohibition.

Not exhaustively, it is expressly prohibited that the luggage carried contains: jewelry, metals or precious stones or objects containing them; documents or bearer bank effects, cash, lottery or similar, fragile items, radioactive material, explosives, weapons, illegal drugs and narcotics, and, in general, dangerous goods.
Baggage that is not properly closed or that cannot be sealed by the placement of safety seals is not allowed. The delivery of plastic bags or similar will not be admitted in any case.

4.- Limits

A package shall be considered fit for consignment provided that the following characteristics are met:

I. Measures no more than 210 cm (high + width + depth).
II. Does not exceed 32 kg of weight.

In case the package(s) exceed(s) any of the above characteristics, the COMPANY may refuse to consign it according to the cancellation policy mentioned above.

5.- Liability And Claims

5.1. 5.1. The liability for damage, loss, deterioration, theft or robbery suffered by baggage and/or its contents is limited in the terms set forth in Law 15/2009 of the Contract of Land Transport of Goods and other applicable transport legislation. However, THE COMPANY, provides complementary coverage in case of damage, loss, deterioration, theft suffered by the baggage and/or its contents, up to a maximum amount of 300.- € [THREE HUNDRED EUROS] per package. For said coverage to be applicable, THE CLIENT must justify the real value of the luggage and/or its contents. Invoices that are more than 6 months old and/or are not in the client’s name will not be accepted. Also, coverage does not include computer equipment, mobile phones or products included in section 3. PROHIBITIONS.

5.2. 5.2. The CLIENT may make the claims he/she deems appropriate, in accordance with the provisions set forth above and considering the following: 
Claims will be limited to one per package and its settlement will be considered final for all losses and damages caused in relation to it. 
II. The claims have a management period of 15 working days, from the date of formalization of the incident with the COMPANY and/or insurer.

6.- Coverage Area

6.1. 6.1. The CLIENT may request the SERVICE provided it is within the area of: 
· Madrid’s M-50 ring road.

This territory will be termed “AREA OF COVERAGE”.

6.2. . 6.2. For pick-up or delivery outside the AREA OF COVERAGE it will be necessary to contact the COMPANY, who reserves the right to accept or reject said SERVICE.

7.- Pick-Up

Luggage will be picked-up at the point indicated by THE CLIENT, at the stipulated address, provided that this location is within the SERVICE COVERAGE AREA of the COMPANY.

In those cases where it is impossible to carry out the pick-up in the indicated place due to absence of the CLIENT, and after a maximum of 10 minutes of waiting by the COMPANY, the COMPANY will contact the CLIENT to reschedule the pick-up. If the CUSTOMER requests a new pick-up, he/she will be required to pay an additional 50 percent of the original service fee. If, after 10 minutes of waiting, the CLIENT does not answer or does not provide new instructions for the pick-up of the luggage, the COMPANY will not return the amount previously paid by the CLIENT.

In those cases where it is impossible to carry out the pick-up in the place initially indicated due to absence of the COMPANY, after a maximum of 10 minutes of waiting by the CUSTOMER, the COMPANY will contact the CLIENT to reschedule the pick-up. THE COMPANY will refund the CLIENT the original SERVICE fee will provide the new pick-up free of charge.

In order to carry out the services THE COMPANY may sub-contract employees, who will be in possession of the legal requirements that enable them to exercise this activity and have ample and sufficient knowledge to carry out the intended activity. The COMPANY will carry out training, monitoring and control of these sub-contracted employees, who will be required to perform with the quality ratios stipulated by THE COMPANY.

8.- Deliveries

8.1. 8.1. The baggage will be delivered in each case at the point indicated by THE COMPANY in the DELIVERY AREA determined by the COMPANY.

8.2. 8.2. In those cases where it is impossible to make the delivery in the indicated place due to the absence of the CLIENT, after a maximum waiting period of 15 minutes by the COMPANY, is will contact the CLIENT to reschedule delivery. THE CLIENT will be eligible to pay a surcharge of an additional 50 percent of the original amount of the service for this new delivery.

8.3. 8.3. Faced with the impossibility of contacting the CLIENT, and if the luggage cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the COMPANY’s facilities. In such case, the CLIENT will not have the right to a refund of the previously paid service fees. In case of wanting to recover the luggage, the CUSTOMER must book the SERVICE of the COMPANY again and pay a corresponding penalty of an additional 50% of the cost of the SERVICE, for the storage of the luggage.

8.4. 8.4. The CUSTOMER’s handwritten or digital signature, as well as its reproduction, will be sufficient evidence of the delivery and the parties recognize this signature as identical in value to a traditional signature on paper.

8.5. 8.5. Baggage will be considered abandoned if, after three months from the date on which the baggage had to be returned to the CLIENT in the DELIVERY AREA indicated by THE COMPANY, the CUSTOMER has not made a claim.
In this case, THE COMPANY may proceed to the alienation of the content, having the freedom to open the luggage to proceed with the sale of the content, to cover expenses that would have been generated up to that date. In any case, the COMPANY reserves the right to take the corresponding legal actions, in order to cover all expenses incurred due to the abandonment of your luggage.

8.6. 8.6. In those cases where it is impossible for CLIENTS to collect their luggage at the indicated place due to absence of the COMPANY and after a maximum period of 30 minutes of waiting by the CLIENT,

8.7. the COMPANY will contact the CLIENT to arrange the shipment of luggage directly to the destination address of the CLIENT, at no additional cost for the CLIENT.

9.- Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By contracting the SERVICE through a written form or through the electronic form established on the COMPANY’s website, the CUSTOMER will accept the present conditions.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to refuse to transport the luggage or to suspend the transport if it had already begun, in cases of non-compliance by the CLIENT of the provisions of these terms and conditions.

10.- Access and Use of the website.

Access to the website is free for its users. In general, the access and use of the website does not require prior user subscription or registration.

The language used by the COMPANY on the website will be Spanish for all CLIENTS that access it through a device that has Spanish configured as the language of its browser. For customers who access the website through a browser in a language other than Spanish, the language used by the COMPANY on the website will be English. The COMPANY is not responsible for the lack of understanding of the language of the website by the user or its consequences.

11.- Legislation and Jurisdiction

The provisions of Law 15/2009 of the Contract of Land Transport of Goods, the general contracting conditions dictated by the Spanish Ministry of Development (Ministerio de Fomento) and other legal provisions in force at any given time shall apply to SERVICE. For any litigious issues that may arise in the application or interpretation of these conditions, both parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply.