Baggage Management Software

Easily manage and track the delivery of mishandled bags

End-to-end, fully automated solution for airlines, ground handlers, and couriers.

Lower costs and enhance the passenger experience by providing transparency during the entire process​


Login to your account to monitor deliveries in real-time across your network. Get access to accurate reporting tools.

Ground handlers

Create BDOs automatically, track the delivery status, manage delivery partners, and track SLAs.


No more paper.

Automatic order assignments. Label scanning on pick-up and delivery, preventing human errors. Deliveries just made easy for couriers!


Receive automated notifications with every change in status, reducing their stress and the number of enquiries to the call-centre.

Your luggage is being prepared

BDO is created and bags are ready to be picked up by the courier.

Your luggage is on the way

The courier picked up the luggage at the airport and its on it’s way to deliver.

Your luggage has been delivered

Final confirmation with all shipment details.

Our innovative mishandled baggage management solution gives your entire network a unified passenger experience

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