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Send luggage on your own plane with Bob Travel.

At Bob we take care of carrying your luggage for you. We manage the delivery of luggage by air from start to end. A new way to start and end your journey, much more comfortable and happier. Available for Departures and Arrivals.

The final baggage delivery service

Do you have a trip and want to travel light without carrying your luggage?

Whether you’re taking off to a new destination or landing at home, we’ll take care of your luggage from start to end.

We have two services perfect for those who want to travel light, for people who don’t want to carry heavy luggage, for families with small children or for those who travel by public transport to the airport.

Welcome to the new era of air travel!

Our two services will help you to have a luggage-free travel experience. Send bags has never been so quick and easy.

Bob Travel Departures

Departure service

We collect your luggage wherever you want, check it in for you at the airport and have it ready for you to collect at the baggage belt at your destination airport.

Bob Travel Arrivals

Arrivals service

We will collect your luggage from the baggage belt and deliver it to your home within 4 hours of your landing.

Services reviewed and regulated by official entities

Bob is the first and only company that has managed to operate a100% regulated service in Spain for check-in and baggage delivery.For this purpose, different official entities have participated, such as: AENA, AESA, the Ministry of Public Works, the Civil Guard and the National Police, among others.

The journey begins when we collect your luggage

A Bob’s carrier comes to your home or hotel, checks your luggage, weighs it, and seals it in front of you. And from this moment, you can enjoy your trip without any worries about your luggage.

You can book your baggage delivery service with collection up to 6 hours before your flight departure. You can cancel free of charge up to 2 hours before collection.

Airports and airlines available

Our services are available* at the airports with the highest passenger flow in Spain.

We also work with different national and international airlines so you can check in your luggage from home.

*Check the availability of our services, depending on the airline and airport.

Price of luggage collection at home

A price that helps you gain a lot, but a lot of time.

No matter whether you book Travel Departures or Travel Arrivals, the prices are €20 for the first bag, €10 for each additional bag. You can cancel free of charge up to 2 hours before baggage collection.

First bag

20,00 EUR

Each additional bag

10,00 EUR

Do you have extra weight in your luggage?

Don’t worry! Our Bob’s carriers are super friendly. In person, they will check the weight of your suitcase and if you are overweight, you will have 5 minutes to remove any heavy items from your bag to avoid extra costs from the airlines.

Do you have doubts about how to measure and weigh your luggage?

Save time at the airport

Save time for what is truly important. Bob Travel is a new habit. A new way to enjoy your trip every time you go to the airport. Now you can save a lot of time at the airport before boarding the plane and focus on the important things. Like being with your loved ones, sleeping longer, travelling by public transport without luggage or making the most of your trip.
"97% of the passengers who tried Bob Travel have repeated our service. It is the final baggage delivery service. From home to the plane and from the plane to home".
Real reviews from other travelers
At Bob, we believe in transparency. You can check real reviews that other travelers have written about our services after sending their luggage.

Ready to change your travel habit?

We collect your luggage from your home and check it in for you at the airport. We can also collect your bags from the baggage belt when you arrive.

Do you need help sending luggage by plane?

We’re here to help you! Choose the type of support you need.

Visit our Help Center with all your questions answered for sending bags and luggage.

Send us an email with your question and what you want to solve. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Do you prefer a call? If you have any questions about sending your luggage, do not hesitate to call us.

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