The digital platform that allows passengers to check in their baggage at home

The software and API used by airlines to manage the collection and check-in of their passengers’ bags at home, for a smooth trip without queues at the airport.


How does Bob Travel work?

Online reservation
The passenger searches for their flight and chooses a time and address for the collection and check-in of their baggage.
Collection of baggage at home
A carrier goes to the indicated place, verifies the necessary documents to travel, and seals the baggage.
Travel comfortably
The passenger goes to the airport without baggage, without having to wait in line at the check-in counter.
Pick-up at destination
The passenger picks up their baggage on the baggage claim belt at the destination airport. It’s that easy and fast!
El envío de maletas ya está en camino en la cinta transportadora del aeropuerto

We currently operate in airports in Spain with the best airlines

Our services are available at airports with the highest passenger flow throughout the Spanish territory. We also work with different national and international airlines.


The easiest way to pick-up and check-in bags at home

Reduce queues at the airport

Thanks to technology, data and great operations, we can streamline the airline's billing services.

Improve the passenger experience

97% of travelers who have shipped bags with Bob have booked our services again!

Generate additional income

Extend your offer of additional services by offering an innovative service that is creating a new travel habit.


A fully integrated platform for home check-in

Trained staff

Drivers are subject to strict training processes and are certified by the airport.

Airport Regulation

Our processes are designed to comply with international aviation security recommendations.

Payment Platform

We encrypt passenger information and use a secure payment platform.


Agile and adapted integrations for airlines

Powerful API

Personalized integration in online check-in processes. We offer the service to all airline passengers with a personalized experience and the look & feel of the company.

Personalized widget

Booking flow app that can be integrated into any website with a code snippet. Plug & play, with our widget you can start selling home check-in services with just a button. In a simple and effective way.

Referral traffic

Sending traffic to our webpage tracking the origin of the bookings. We want to improve passenger conversion without the need for airlines to invest in more resources.

Services reviewed and regulated by official bodies

Bob is the first and only Spanish company that has managed to operate a 100% regulated service for home check-in We are the only company that can send baggage by plane and check-in on behalf of the passenger.

For this, different official bodies have participated such as: AENA, AESA, Ministry of Public Affairs, Civil Guard and National Police, among others.

Say goodbye to stress at the airport

92% of air passengers say that their greatest fear and stress during a trip occurs at the airport before taking off.

The two biggest problems being the fear of arriving late and missing the flight, mainly due to queues at check-in, security controls, or transfers to the airport. Most of them feel at ease once they sit in their seat waiting for take off. By sending your bags with Bob, these worries... disappear!

Since 2020, passengers want to have as little contact as possible with other travelers and spend less time inside the airport.

At Bob, we want to take care of 92% of passenger stress. So that, you only have to put all your senses to enjoy your new adventure. Checking baggage at home has never been easier and more comfortable.

*Data collected by IATA (The International Air Transport Association)

This is what Bob's passengers say
Bob, together with the airlines, is changing the future of airports and creating a new travel philosophy.
A new travel philosophy

Comfortable and simple billing at home

The best way to travel comfortably, travel light and worry-free about missing your flight or arriving late at the boarding gate.

So passengers can enjoy their trip from the first moment.

No more running through the airport corridors carrying baggage or through airport transfer. Passengers will be able to go to the airport relaxed without carrying their baggage. Pass the security control with only a backpack or handbag and directly to the boarding gate.

We are ready to work with you

With Bob, airlines are improving the passenger experience with a fast home baggage collection and check-in service.
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