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Travel without bags

We help you get to your destination more easily.

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Travel more comfortably and safely

Minimizes waiting times

Avoid queues at the check-in desk and don’t wait on the baggage belt.

Don't carry your luggage

We collect your bag and deliver it for you wherever you need it.

Insured baggage

We insure all our collections and deliveries against theft and/or damage.

Bob Travel

Baggage collection and check-in at home

We collect your luggage wherever you want, check it in for you at the airport and have it ready for you to collect at the baggage belt at your destination airport.

What about the price?

A booking with 3 bags costs 40€ (20€ + 2 x 10€). The price of Bob’s services is separate and is not included in the airline’s baggage charge. If you need to check baggage in addition to that included in your fare, you will have to contract it with your airline.

This price includes all these things that help you gain a lot, but a lot of time.

1. We verify that you have all your travel documents in order to travel and that you are not missing anything.

In times of COVID, this is especially important. Country restrictions are not all the same and can be complicated. We have specialized agents.

2. Authorized agents

Our check-in agent will make the queues at the check-in desk at the airport so you don't have to.

3. Our carrier will ask you to please come down to the gate with your luggage in order to pick it up.

Please note that we work with subcontractors. It is up to the carrier to take you home. We know that many times, they are tipped for doing this and that's fine with us. They work very hard and they deserve it.

Services reviewed and regulated by official entities

Bob is the first and only company that has managed to operate a100% regulated service in Spain for check-in and baggage delivery. For this purpose, different official entities have participated, such as: AENA, AESA, the Ministry of Public Works, the Civil Guard and the National Police, among others.

Real reviews from other travelers

At Bob, we believe in transparency. You can check real reviews that other travelers have written about our services after sending their luggage.

How does home luggage collection work?

We pick up your luggage at your home (whether it is your house, hotel, apartment, etc.), transport it to the airport and check it in for you at your airline’s check-in counter.

Once we have checked in your luggage, we will send you a confirmation email with the check-in confirmation and a photo of your luggage.

When you arrive at your destination you can collect your luggage from the baggage belt.

Goodbye waiting and long queues at the check-in desk.

Go straight to the gate and save time for you and your loved ones.

Don't carry your luggage on public transport or in your private car.

When can I book Bob Travel?

Flight ticket

Once you have purchased your flight, you can book whenever you want, months in advance or even on the day of your flight 7 hours in advance.

6 h in advance

We will be able to collect your luggage a minimum of 6 hours before your flight takes off, so you have to be little forward-looking, but not too much! You will have to close your bag only 6 hours before the flight takes off! 🙂

Check-in online

In order for us to collect your baggage, you must have checked in online. Generally, airlines allow you to check in online 24 hours in advance.

1 day storage

If you have checked in online several days in advance, we can collect and store your luggage for one night.

Steps for the collection of luggage at home

The person who made the booking must be present during baggage collection with the passports of all the people in the reservation who are going to travel.

For example, in the case of a family, it is enough for the father or mother to be present, it is not necessary for the children to be present. If the children are minors and do not have a passport/ID, we will need the family book.


30 minutes before our carrier arrives at the pick-up address, you will receive an SMS so that you can be prepared.


The carrier verifies your identity. For this, the passports (or ID cards) and boarding passes of the persons who are going to travel are checked.


The carrier weighs the bags and notifies you if you have exceeded your contracted airline's limit. If you have excess, you can readjust the weight.


The carrier seals the luggage with a security seal that has a unique barcode. This procedure complies with the National Security Plan.


Finally, the carrier will take photos of the luggage to register the characteristics and status of your luggage.


At the end of the collection process, you will have to sign the confirmation of collection of your luggage and from this moment, we will take care of your luggage.

A new travel philosophy

Comfortable and easy check-in at home

The best way to travel comfortably, light, and free from worries about missing your flight or arriving late at the boarding gate.

This way, you can enjoy your trip from the first moment.

Who hasn’t gone to the airport in a hurry or in fear of missing their flight? No more running through the airport corridors or in transfers with luggage.

Now you won’t be late anymore.

.You can go to the airport relaxed without carrying your luggage. You go through the security check with only your backpack or handbag and straight to the boarding gate.

And if you have time, you can take a walk through the Duty Free or have a delicious coffee. And all this, without having to worry about your luggage at all times. You can save a lot of time and effort. You will be able to maximize your weight-free journey.

The flexibility you need

We know that plans can change and we can help you.

Changes and cancellations

Modify your booking free of charge up to two hours before collection or delivery.

Excess baggage

Bob's agent will weigh your bag at the time of collection. If any of the baggage exceeds the weight corresponding to the fare on your ticket, you will be required to remove items from the bag up to the weight allowance.

Luggage and extra bags

Bob's agent will only be able to collect the bag included in your ticket.

Exclusive customer service

Once you have booked, we give you access to our premium support team.

Are you ready for take-off?

Go straight to your destination without bags and without wasting time.

Are you traveling and want to book the collection and check-in service at home?

Select the airline you are traveling with:


I will be traveling soon and have not contracted the service.

Do you have doubts about your booking? You can contact us through our email trafico@bob.io.