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Baggage collection and check-in at home

We help you get to your destination more easily.

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Why Bob First-Mile

The most comfortable way to travel without bags

Don't carry your luggage

We pick up your bags at the door of your home and transport them to the airport.

Avoid queues at the airport

We check your bags for you. Minimize the time you spend at the airport.

Insured baggage

We insure all our collections against theft and/or damage.

How it works

We pick up your luggage and check it for you

An accredited Bob’s agent picks up your luggage wherever you want (your home, hotel, apartment, etc.), transports it to the airport and checks it in for you at the airline. The bags will travel on your own plane and you will pick them up at the baggage belt at your destination airport.


Book online

Once you have purchased your flight, you can book whenever you want, months in advance or the day before your flight.


Baggage collection

Our carrier will contact you before picking up your luggage. During pick-up, your bags will be stamped and your documentation will be checked.


Go directly to your boarding gate

Once Bob’s agent has checked your baggage, you will receive a confirmation email from which you can download your checked baggage receipts.

The bags will travel on your plane. Pick them up on the baggage belt at the destination airport.

Afternoon shift

Between 18:00 and 22:00 h.

Luggage pick-up time at home

We have 1 time slot for picking up your luggage

We work 7 days a week, almost 365 days a year. Except Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Three Kings’ Day.

Say goodbye to stress at the airport

With Bob First-Mile you travel light and worry-free about missing your flight or arriving late at the gate.


How much does it cost to check my baggage at home?

20 € the first bag

A booking with 1 bag costs 20€.

10€ for the additional ones

A booking with 3 bags costs 40€ (20€ + 2 x 10€).


Bob Travel’s price is independent of the airline’s baggage charge. The bags to be picked up must be contracted with the airline.

Services regulated by official entities

Bob is the first and only company that has managed to operate a 100% regulated service in Spain for the check-in and delivery of bags at home. For this purpose, different official entities such as AENA, AESA, the Ministry of Public Works, the Civil Guard and the National Police, among others, have participated.

This is what Bob's passengers say

Bob, together with the airlines, is changing the future of airports and creating a new travel philosophy.

A new travel philosophy

Comfortable and easy check-in at home

Travel light and worry-free

Who hasn’t gone to the airport in a hurry or in fear of missing their flight?

No more running through the airport corridors or in transfers with luggage.

Goodbye waiting and long queues at the check-in desk.

Go straight to the gate and save time for you and your loved ones.

Don't carry your luggage on public transport or in your private car.

When you arrive at your destination you can collect your luggage from the baggage belt.


Your questions, answered

Passengers’ most frequent questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our Help Center

You can cancel the service from your service confirmation email, by accessing the cancellation link.

You have up to 2 hours before the start of your pick-up time slot to cancel.

Before the carrier arrives, check that your luggage is not overweight.

If any baggage exceeds the maximum weight allowed by the airline, we’ll not be able to pick it up.

Before the pick-up, you will need to purchase additional bags with your airline and show our carrier your receipt of payment.

If the number of bags to be picked up exceeds the number of bags allowed by your airline, we’ll not be able to check your baggage.

Contact us up to 2 hours before the start of the pick-up at trafico@bob.io with your booking code and the number of bags you want to add.

If you write to us after the pick-up time begins, we can’t promise that your request will be managed in time.

Contact us from Monday to Sunday, between 09:00 and 20:00 h, by emailing us at trafico@bob.io. Our agents will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you ready for take-off?

Go straight to your destination without bags and without wasting time.

Are you traveling and want to book the collection and check-in service at home?

Select the airline you are traveling with:


I will be traveling soon and have not contracted the service.

Do you have doubts about your booking? You can contact us through our email trafico@bob.io.