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We solve the doubts that may arise after booking our services.

Frequently asked questions

I haven’t received the confirmation email, what do I do?

If you have completed the BoB booking and have not yet received the confirmation email where your booking number will be:

  1. Check your spam folder. Sometimes it could have ended up there. If you can’t find it, send us an email to support@bob.io with the subject “Confirmation email not received” and tell us your full name. We will forward the confirmation email to you immediately.
  2. If you can’t find it, send us an email to support@bob.io with the subject “Confirmation email not received” and tell us your full name. We will forward the confirmation email to you immediately.

My phone is not operating, how will you contact me?

If for any reason you cannot have a phone signal on the day of the service, send us an email to support@bob.io with the subject “Contact method” indicating your booking number and the method of contact you may have (WhatsApp, email…).

The method you indicate will be the one we will use to contact you on the day of the service.

What should I prepare and have on hand on the day of pick-up?
  1. Complete the online check-in and print or download the boarding cards of all passengers. We will need them to check your baggage for you.
  2. Have your bags ready for the trip. Make sure that all the baggage is ready for pick-up. At the moment of the pick-up you will have to go down with your bags to the door of the building in the street. 
  3. Make sure you have all the passports of the passengers travelling with you. 
  4. Have your BoB booking confirmation email ready where your booking code is displayed.

Due to drivers’ schedules, we can wait a maximum of 15 minutes. After this time the driver will leave and the service will be declined.

How do I know when my driver will arrive?

On the day of service, the assigned driver will notify you of his arrival in advance, within the selected time slot, so that you can be prepared.

My baggage has already been taken, when will I get my bag tags? How will I know that they have already been checked in?

After we pick up the baggage from your home, we will transfer it to the airport for check-in. The BoB team has up to 1 hour before flight departure to check it in.

The airline won’t let me check in online, what do I do?

In order to use our Pick-up & check-in service, it is essential that you check in online before we pick up your baggage.

If, for any reason, the airline does not allow you to check in online or requests your presence at the check-in counter, we will not be able to provide the service.

We provide a full refund for cancellations made up to 2 hours before the start of the pickup time. If a reservation is cancelled less than 2 hours before the start of your collection window, the service will not be refunded.

What if I have extra weight or want to add extra baggage during my pick-up?

Airline tickets have an associated baggage allowance: the number of bags, their weight and dimensions according to the fare you have purchased. After you have booked the BoB service online, we will contact you to verify your baggage allowance and that you and your companions have all the necessary documentation for your flight.

An additional charge may be made by the airline when the baggage allowance is exceeded in the following cases:

  1. You want to check in more baggage than is included in your baggage allowance
  2. You exceed the maximum weight allowed
  3. Baggage exceeds the dimensions allowed

At pick-up, agent BoB will weigh your baggage. If any of your baggage exceeds the weight allowance, or you have any additional bags that need to be paid for at the counter, BoB will handle this payment on your behalf.

Upon collection of the baggage and verification that it exceeds the contracted allowance, we will inform you of any additional costs and will make a temporary charge through the payment method provided during your booking to proceed with the handling of the excess costs with the airline.

The amount retained is estimated depending on the airline, the baggage allowance purchased and the characteristics that exceed the allowance (extra weight, number of bags, etc).

Once we are at the airport and have confirmed the total amount to be paid with the airline, we will make the payment on your behalf with the payment method you have provided. Once the payment has been made, you will receive the corresponding invoice by email.

All additional charges for exceeding the free baggage allowance are borne by the airline. There is no additional cost for BoB service to make these arrangements on your behalf. Only possible charges associated with bank fees generated by such a transaction will be charged.

Do you still have any questions?

Contact us via chat, telephone or through our contact form and we will be happy to help.

Post-booking queries: +34 919 01 99 61

Our customer service hours are from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 18:00.

Send us a message with your questions after booking and we will contact you.

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