Track delayed luggage deliveries

Our innovative platform assists airlines and handlers in efficiently tracking and managing delayed luggage deliveries with their local couriers.

Efficient tracking and management of delayed bags

End-to-end tracking

​​Passengers, airlines, and the rest of the stakeholders access real-time updates on baggage status through online platforms.

Enhanced Electronic Operations

Our system ensures that bags are processed with utmost speed and efficiency, significantly reducing the risk of human errors.

Streamlined Operability

We have revolutionised the airport's repatriation process by facilitating the seamless sharing of standardised data among all stakeholders.


Gain real-time visibility into your delivery network

Monitor deliveries, streamline the process, and track every step. Efficiently manage delivery partners and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Airport Operations

Handling PIR & Baggage Prep

Our streamlined back office establishes a workflow to handle Property Irregularity Reports (PIRs) efficiently, enabling the automatic generation of Baggage Delivery Orders (BDOs).


Automatic Order Assignment

Label scanning on pick-up and delivery, preventing human errors. We prioritize simplicity and efficiency, making deliveries easy for carriers.


Minimize Stress with Automated Status Notifications

Passengers receive an automated notification every time there is a change in status, effectively minimising both stress levels and the need for frequent inquiries to the call centre.

Your luggage is being prepared

BDO is created and bags are ready to be picked up by the courier.

Your luggage is on the way

The courier picked up the luggage at the airport and its on it’s way to deliver.

Your luggage has been delivered

Final confirmation with all shipment details.

Implement our innovative delayed luggage software solution in your entire network to provide a unified passenger experience

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