Track bags inflight, from check-in to arrival

Baggage embedded with sensors to exchange data with the power of the internet.

Location tags have arrived in the airline industry

Revolutionize Data Collection

Move Beyond Barcode Scanning to Fast and Accurate Remote Scanning for Bulk Reading

Enhance Data Collection with First-Party Insights

Forward-thinking airlines harness the power of digital tools to gather and leverage their own data.

Use Modern Communication Systems

Data is securely and widely accessible-

The Airline Tag

TravelTag is the smartest way to track luggage.

Passengers attach a TravelTag to their luggage which can be tracked by a private network of devices deployed by airlines at airports. This allows both the airlines and passengers to share the real-time location of the baggage.

From 1 €
Cost effective.
Only for 1 €

Designed to balance affordability with dependable performance. They come ready to connect.

Long battery life.
6 years

Replaceable batteries. It can also be configured with an on/off button, to turn it on when traveling.

Long distance.
100 meters

t features a long transmission distance of up to 100 meters (328 feet)

How does it work?

The TravelTag emits a secure Bluetooth signal detected by nearby devices of the airline's private network.

These devices relay the location of the TravelTag to the Cloud, allowing airlines and passengers to view its location on a map.


Only the passenger, and the airline have access to tracking data.

The network of devices inside the airport will send the TravelTag location anonymously and encrypted to the airline and only from check-in to arrival.

Create your
private network

The device network is built with mobile devices and/or gateways, all connected to create a broad location network.

Download the app and start tracking down your TravelTags.

Download it to the mobile devices authorized by the airline, which are mainly inside restricted areas of the airport and other tracking systems have difficulties to track.

Installation of gateways in areas with the highest baggage flow.

With gateways it is possible to communicate and send data from one side to the other in a secure and effective way.

Customize your TravelTag with the airline indentity.

Give your passengers a unique product in the airline industry.

Take control of the
airline's luggage.

With the increasing rate of mishandling, passengers have taken it into their own hands to keep track of their bags. Take advantage and have your own tags.

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